25 definitions by nose

extremely annoying, something that makes you salty
That white dude was bein vexacious so i cashed his head.
by nose April 24, 2003
more or less
Basically, I am out of drug money...
by Nose October 06, 2003
someone who has eaten so much acid that he or she isnt too coherent anymore
Ozzy fucking Osbourne is a retarded eraserhead.
by nose April 17, 2003
If you snort all my yay I'll have to kill you!
by Nose April 09, 2003
pussy or ass
"this junk in my trunk ain't made fo chumps!" ~lil kim
by Nose April 09, 2003
verb, to finish or to be done with, to use up
I'm gonna cash his head cuz he stole my shit!
by Nose April 09, 2003
to bounce or to go to bed, comes from cashed
Son this scene is lame, I'ma cash out to somewhere else.
I'm so fuckin tired, I'ma cash out- one.
by Nose April 25, 2003

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