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8 definitions by northside boys

Da huge plant where ya hang all ya old kicks nucka!!
Where da shoetree nucka!?
by Northside boys October 02, 2003
northside boy wit' rappin' skills!
"Good bud, craka jak, tha sack is fat!"
by northside boys October 16, 2003
an african american person that shows signs of being a cracker.
"hey, that nucka's gonna kick that crucka's ass after school!
by northside boys October 02, 2003
A Northside boy with alot of attitude and will kill yo ass just if he dont have a ciggiratte every 15 minutes!
"Whooo, toothpic's pissed! somebody hook him up with a 'port!
by northside boys October 02, 2003
Refering to getting a little of whats between a hoes legs
What's up with the swilla?
by Northside Boys October 09, 2003
Chris's ghetto ass ride
yo nucka gimme a ride in da hoop-d
by Northside Boys October 09, 2003
The greatest fucking place on earth where you get drunk as fuck, and stoned as fuck, and party with Self Infliction and The Underground Gods
We went to fuckin Harpos!!!!!
by Northside Boys October 15, 2003