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A story that is posted on a persons Facebook page to try and get even more attention than their status updates, check-ins and photo uploads. Their stories theme is usually of A. Looking cool in class B. Outlandish personal experience at a mall or in some other public venue C. Some other whitty, clever or "random" story about being "cool," that obviously never happened.
Facebook Story:

OMG, yesterday I was in class and my teacher was all like "you guys need to finish this math hw by friday." And I was all like "when are we ever really going to use math in our lives." Everybody in class was like laughing and I felt so cool. The teacher was like "there are many instances in your future you will use math." And then I was like "whatever, YOLO." And then the whole class started cheering and carried me out of the class. All I can say is EPIC day!
by northshore09 June 12, 2012
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