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"Work hard, play hard" should be this school's official motto. During the week you will find the library maxed out on occupancy, all the nearby coffee shops flushed with NU students on their laptops or burried in stacks of books and handouts. But comes thursday night, and the streets of downtown Boston become a playground for most of the NU student body. Since it's a 5 year school (in most cases), it only made sense to build a 21+ dorm building. That took care of the 'dry campus' policy.
At any given time during the weekend, on or off campus, you will find a party to attend. You will hear of some huge party getting broken up and the amount of confiscated alcohol will truly amaze you. You will witness intoxicated girls walking (or trying to walk) back to their dorms, hand in hand, with their Coach bags and on their cell phones with their exs. You will hear Irish chants echoing at 2 am as the last bar had closed and people are heading back to campus.
This school will define your college life, so if you don't go here, find someone that does and invite yourself for St. Patty's day. You will remember it. Or maybe most of it.
Text message recieved by a Northeastern University student on a saturday afternoon: "Yo, wanna do a Boylston run tonight?"
by northie August 27, 2006
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