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A person who works processing marijuana. Plantation owners in california hire people each fall in order to pull and cut all the excess leaf off of the plant to prepare it for sale. A good trimmer may bounce from plantation to plantation earning a few thousand dollars in a few weeks.
I had to fire one of my trimmers because i cought her stealing some buds.
by northhum April 18, 2009
A shmanker is low class, white trash, usually tweeker, often wearing flannel and having mustache or goatee. Shmankers can be found on the streets often riding a cheap or stolen bicycle. They are often semi-homeless to fully homeless and usually are couch surfing or holed up in the seedyest of motels. They are often the at the bottom of the crystal meth distribution pyramid and are in and out of prison.
"There are so many shmankers hanging out at the public library i'm afraid to let my kids study there"
by northhum April 15, 2009
the act of removing a marijuana bud from its stem. After a marijuana plant has had all the excess leaf removed (called trimming or manicuring, etc) the plant at some point in the process needs to have the bud removed from the stem, this is called bucking. this may be derived from the logging industry where bucking refers to cutting a log into lengths for transport or rounds for firewood.
"All my trimmers took off to work for my neighbor before i had a chance for them to buck it all. Now i gotta do it all myself"
by northhum April 20, 2009

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