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ADJ: Home of the most arrogant kids/parents in the world. It is a place where they try to be surfers/rednecks/preps. BC if there jeep isn’t lifted, then they definitely have a fake tan or bright pink polo’s with neon green shorts, and that lil white shell necklace. I mean I don’t think ive seen a non lifted or non-jeep affiliated car in their lots. Well its ok cus their dads are worth 10 trillion dollars. It’s a place where they film porno’s and all beat off to their buddy doing it with the team slut. It’s a place where they go to Hawaii for spring lax cus they all have private jets from their dads top fortune 500 companies. They are all talk. The only time a SP Crusy will talk smack is when he is surrounded by a 2000 man us military trained soldiers. But when you are one on one he is your best friend. They all have fake accents i.e. johhhnnnny, and they make themselves look even cooler when they wear their SP garb to every Baltimore function. It’s a place where kids give themselves nic-names like “lord Baltimore” well I guess that’s cool. It’s a place where they have had 2 winning lacrosse seasons in 20 years and its also a place where they put up 20 x 20 billboards on seminary to show how awesome their one lucky victory over the last 20 years was. It’s a place where the back up goalie goes to Hopkins b.c. of his big wig father, nothing wrong with that. But that’s not arrogant. It’s a place that pretends to have a rival school with BL. But we know that’s not true because BL looks at SP like they are a joke, along with Gilman and Loyola.
-SP LAX 2005 we are the world champions of the entire lax world surfs up bra
by northern and charles May 05, 2005

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