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this is the lowest of low. people who are both dumb AND bad pretty much dont have anything left going for them. dumb and bad is intended to be a powerful insult used primarily in insulting any opponents in any matchup one may face in life. use it to flame your lesser opponents and a violent response is sure to follow

can also be a reference to negative situations (similarly to using a cuss)
"our team beat yours by 35 points, you're dumb and bad."

*girl trips and falls*
"wow, you're dumb and bad"

*you left your wallet at home, but you already ordered food at a restaurant*
"ugh, dumb and bad"
by northeastcollegekid January 22, 2012
like the insult douchebag, but more fun to say
"stop being such a douche ticket"

"that ref is a douche ticket"

"her boyfriend is a complete douche ticket"
by northeastcollegekid January 22, 2012
This symbol is intended to look like a man flexing his biceps. The left parenthese is his left arm, the n is his left bicep, the 0 is his head, the right n is his right bicep, and the right parenthese is his right arm. This symbol is intended to be used whenever someone feels overly powerful or if they feel like something powerful just happened.

It is nearly synonymous with the overused "winning"
"dude, rob gronkowski caught 3 touchdowns and brady threw 6 in a half. absolute (n0n)"

"50 cent got shot 9 times and was out of the hospital 3 weeks later. (n0n)"

*throws a crumpled piece of paper into the garbage bin from 10 yards away*

(in the human real life form. simple flexing of the biceps)
by northeastcollegekid January 22, 2012

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