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6 definitions by nornware

So drunk... that you misprounce the word "drunk" with a "J" sound at the beginning instead of the proper "D" sound.
Dude, I drank a 1.75L bottle of Vodka last night and I got fucking JRUNK!
by nornware August 23, 2006
38 7
impressively pimp. super fucking cool. "badass"
Dude, I just got a new car, its pimptacious
by nornware August 23, 2006
6 1
freaking seriously scary
Dude, that horror movie was scarious.
by nornware May 21, 2006
6 2
To be severely beat down. Similar to waffle stomp, but more painful and less embarassing.
"Man, Dan just whomple stomped you with that folding chair!"
by nornware August 23, 2006
5 3
24 inch rims... 15 inch subwoofers
On 24s with 15s... thats how I roll!
by nornware August 23, 2006
10 9
Trying to fix something that so completely fucked up that when you're done, its no longer FUCKED UP, but FEXED UP. A combination of FUCKED UP, and FIXED UP.
Yer Ma fexed up after cheating on her husband with that millionaire.
by nornware March 04, 2010
2 2