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So drunk... that you misprounce the word "drunk" with a "J" sound at the beginning instead of the proper "D" sound.
Dude, I drank a 1.75L bottle of Vodka last night and I got fucking JRUNK!
by nornware August 23, 2006
impressively pimp. super fucking cool. "badass"
Dude, I just got a new car, its pimptacious
by nornware August 23, 2006
freaking seriously scary
Dude, that horror movie was scarious.
by nornware May 21, 2006
To be severely beat down. Similar to waffle stomp, but more painful and less embarassing.
"Man, Dan just whomple stomped you with that folding chair!"
by nornware August 23, 2006
24 inch rims... 15 inch subwoofers
On 24s with 15s... thats how I roll!
by nornware August 23, 2006
Trying to fix something that so completely fucked up that when you're done, its no longer FUCKED UP, but FEXED UP. A combination of FUCKED UP, and FIXED UP.
Yer Ma fexed up after cheating on her husband with that millionaire.
by nornware March 04, 2010

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