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1 definition by normalperson'sPOV

People here are beyond WEIRD, beyond comprehensible. This is an extremely sheltered place made for cowards who can't handle the real world and are basically afraid of anyone who doesn't look like them. A fish living in a fishbowl believes the whole world is under water because that is the ONLY WORLD they know.

The kids are the ones who suffer the most. They grow up to be the douchebags on Wallstreet with no sense of right and wrong. It is a breeding ground for narcissistics who weren't brought up to be decent to people except to those exactly like them. And these screwed-up ideas are confirmed right here in this lovely town :)

Most disturbing are the cowards who raise these kids in their pathetic bubble. For example, the public library wasn't built until relatively recently. WASP kids here seriously don't believe that things like discrimination or inequality still exist. No joke. Or if they do, they have no problem making themselves as comfortable as possible. The question is - how the hell do these kids get so brainwashed?

Outside this backwards and reactionary town, there is sanity (aka real world) and truth. This is the 21st Century. There is no need to put up with that kind of BS. Go to Pleasantville only to appreciate your own life and the real values in it all the more. For those still living there, I sincerely hope the fishbowl doesn't become too filthy for you to live in. (because god knows what other place would want you people)
Girl raised-and-born in greenwich: okay dad, what a great movie! Didn't you like the scene where....?

Greenwich-dad: We should hurry home. I've been living for 50 years, and I don't want to get shot by some random black person in Stamford now.

(you wonder why kids born-and-bred in Greenwich always go back to raise their own lovely families...)
by normalperson'sPOV November 05, 2010