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north las vegas, the dirtiest, most crime ridden area of las vegas
Paul doesn't know exactly how to explain to his wife that he got car-jacked in norftown by a legitimate Vegas crackhead transexual hooker in a drug deal gone bad.
by norftown702 January 22, 2009
someone who is of mixed race
Paul and his wife enjoy Los Angeles because of the melting pot of whites, blacks, mexicans, asians, and all the rest of the obamutts out there.
by norftown702 January 22, 2009
jewelry box used to stash marijuana and marijuana paraphernalia
Paul stashes all his weed in his treasure box to hide it from his wife.
We should find Paul's treasure box, pinch a noticeable amount of weed out of it, and watch him sketch by making him think his wife is finally on to him after all this time.
by norftown702 January 22, 2009
male slang for reaching climax through masturbation aka cumming, busting fat nuts, ocean spraying, fire hydrant, {shooting shoestrings}
When I'm all alone and I think of Paul's wife I rub my cock until I shoot mad pull it bullets.
by norftown702 January 22, 2009
official term said when its time to schedule an appointment with your drug dealer aka attempt to hook up
Paul will need to "make the call" at least one hour before his mistress meets him at a discreet location for a night of heavy drinking and partying behind his wife's back.
by norftown702 January 22, 2009
chinese elvis impersonator or look-a-like
An Asian greaser biker wannabe should be called Chelvis.
by norftown702 January 22, 2009
Paul's wife accidentally clogged the guest bathroom toilet with a massive shetta after she consumed way too many of her famous homemade flautas and chimichangas.

This chili's gonna make me shetta!

Oh Shetta!! I just went shetta in my pants. woops!
by norftown702 January 22, 2009

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