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The 600m dash is an indoor track running event. The people that run it are crazy because they can expect to at least throw up soon after finishing. You sprint for 600m and die at the end. And then for some reason the next time your coach asks who will run it, you volunteer, completely forgetting how shitty it is.
"Who wants to run the 600m dash?"
Raises hand.
Runs the 600.
Comes back to life and volunteers again for the next meet.
by Noregrets April 11, 2015
often used by people living in dramatic small towns (dramaview?) groups of girls often have nothing better to do than think back to what was going on a year ago today.
bruce; fuck man, i banged my girl 38 times.
mackenzie; 38? man thats so ironic!
by noregrets January 05, 2009
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