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Daddy term for the vagina when talking to his young son.
Son: What's that Daddy (pointing at Mummy getting out of the shower).
Daddy: That's where mummy was hit by an axe, that's her axe wound.
Son: Wow, bloody good shot, got her right in the cunt.
by Norbert Colon August 19, 2005
The act of admitting to oneself that you will not pull a good looking bird not matter how long you hang around the night club. You always end up taking the ugliest bird anyway, so why not just go ugly early and get it over with.
It was only half past ten when Steven left the club with a salad dodger on his arm. His friend Jim passed him in the carpark and remarked "Eh up Steve, going ugly early?". Steven sighed, glanced at the fugly minger, and replied "Fraid so Jim, got work in the morning, so I don't have all night"
by Norbert Colon October 29, 2004
Soapy Tit Wank.
The act of having oneself wanked off between a lady's breasts. There are two versions "North" and "South". The view for the lady is rather poor in the South version.
Lady Guinevere told King Arthur, you shall get your soapy tit wank good Sir, but Southwards, I don't want skid marks on mine stomach.
by Norbert Colon October 21, 2004
Used to describe women walking in a strange kind of waddle. Often a fat or dumpy legged woman who simple cannot walk with her legs closer than 2 foot apart.
Look at that lovely young lady, looks like she has a brick up her cunt.
by Norbert Colon August 19, 2005
1. wanker
2. one who deceives herself
That John Howard is such a fucking rodwalloper.
by Norbert Colon April 07, 2005
Term used by ignorent student men thinking that this is the last week to pull a girl before she has her period.
The student president replied quickly to the complaint from the women's representative that the tampon machine was out of order "what does it matter, it's only the third week of term?".
by Norbert Colon August 16, 2005
Yet another fishy sounding name for a lady's axe wound.
Although not as fresh as he would have liked Jim ventured into the sushi cave tongue first.
by Norbert Colon August 19, 2005

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