4 definitions by noravitz

rolling on the floor lauing my ass off cuz i am a stpuid dueche bag on crack
by noravitz April 08, 2004
When a person squats on train tracks and takes a shit and pretends they are fixing there hat.
Hey bill hurry up! Uh Im fixing my hat.I am fixing my hat!
by Noravitz February 09, 2004
When a man does not act like a man but acts instead like a woman.Inturn his penis
shrivels up and crawles up his ass rendering it useless.There for he now has a Vagenis.
<Bob>: Hey, Why did Tom leave the early?
<John>:Because He does not like sitting around chugging beer and eating animal.He would rather watch Home and garden channel.
<Mark>:What a Vagenis.
by noravitz August 28, 2004
To paint feces on someones upper lip in the fashoin of a french painters mustache. Much like the sanchez or the hitler.
GUY1:When joe was sleeping he got a curly fry.
GUY2:Thats gross.
Joe: you know what...
Joe: I fucking hate you.
by noravitz March 04, 2004

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