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fwee: i/s god
nora: i/s scene kid
misti: i/s weirdo
sess: i/s stupid
stevo&alae&zaf: i/s mexican
fluffy: i/s mullet
star: i/s boring
choco: i/s negro
lauren: i/s lesbian
pavel: i/s ginger freako
rina: ???
person&elizabeth: i/s anorexicz
daphne: i/s abandonr
chandler: i/s man/woman

~by nora~
sess: hey im addicted to pills!
nora: shut up ur so stupid
misti: tee-hee *flashes every1*
stevo: *tacklehug*
dessy: im an i/ser
by nora smith September 01, 2008
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