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happy good music
I love listening to ska.
by Nora May 24, 2003
A girls tongue which is extrememly and unnaturally long so as to do, well use your imagination.
Anyone who has a lesbian tongue is like the goddess of all men.
by nora April 14, 2005
Someone who, in their fabulous beauty, has accidentally broken some hearts and the jealous (and remarkably dense) ex boyfriends call them this because there is nothing smarter to call them.
I absoltely hate eleanwhore
by Nora February 28, 2005
n. The latest album from band The Distillers containing eleven tracks and running for a total of forty-five minutes and seven seconds. The CD contains the tracks:
Drain the Blood, Dismantle Me, Die On A Rope, The Gallow Is God, Coral Fang, The Hunger, Beat Your Heart Out, Love Is Paranoid, For Tonight You're Only Here To Know and Death Sex.

2. The fifth track on the album of the same name by punk rock band, The Distillers.
I am currently listening to Coral Fang.
by Nora March 13, 2004
sucks at life
Andrew ondy a lot. :)
by Nora June 21, 2004
the phrase the legendary "shanaynay" would use when trying to talk
" bada..badibido!!"
by nora November 08, 2003
snoop dog's way of saying television.. in fo shizzle my nizzle styles
someone: yo, it's snoop's new vidizzle on da telefizzle.
someone else: fo shizzle my nizzle
by nora September 05, 2003

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