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"To behave as if one were a very young child. Excessive immature behavior. This behavior may be marked by whining, complaining, teary eyes, or soiled diapers"
-Jack was complaining that no one pays any attention to him. His gerberations went on for a full five minutes.

-Don't gerberate Jack, no one likes a crybaby.
by noooo names please January 13, 2010
n. Instant Messenger; any of the instant messaging services available via internet comprised of a buddy list and the ability to instantaneously send and receive short typed messages on a computing device.

2009-10; Derived from chit-chat but applicable only in reference to the internet and computing realm.
Johnny B. "I'll catch you on the chitty-chat later"

Jane J. "We should use the chitty-chat to coordinate the best time for everyone to meet up later"
by noooo names please April 06, 2010

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