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(it) a so called "talented" young "boy" that all the mental teenagers fall in love with

1. he's so hot he turns most teenage girls (not me) lesbian
2. he's 15 and sings about love (yeah right like you ever had a boyfriend/girlfriend{not sure on gender})
3. since he's so "talented" why does he never play on the radio ( i swear to Satan i've never heard him on the radio)
4. puts fake parties into the minds of young teenagers (where are all the DRUGS and ALCOHOL!)
5. rights shitty, shallow lyrics (baby, baby ohh {wow that's the most deepest song i've ever heard (notice the sarcasm)})
6. turns people blind by it's ugliness
7. makes people go deaf by it's terrible singing voice
8. has NO right to dress like a rocker (go back to shopping at hollister sand abrecrombie and fitch you little bitch {hey that rhymes})
9. (besides the lyrics) the beat to it's music is TERRIBLE (there's hardly any fuckin guitar)
10. makes Canadian music even worse (y'know Avril lavigne and Justin Bieber combined is like a living hell
stupid fan girl: shriek omg it's justin bieber
smart person: (looks around viciously for him while holding a cast iron pan to use as a weapon
by noonlelovesyou March 10, 2011

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