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Take Your Sweet Assed Time - Sarcastic version of "tyt" - when you're pissy with someone and they say "brb" right when they don't want to talk about what's important to you.
Person 1: I'm not feelin' this...
Person 2: :o What do you mean??
Person 1: brb
Person 2: You can't just leave like that!!
Person 1: (absent for 2 minutes)
Person 2: tysat *taps foot*
by nooneyouknow79 November 09, 2009
1. As if.
Pfft, right.

2. Shit yeah, right?
Guy 1: Dude, that chick is SOOO hot!
Guy 2: shyeahright, she's fugly!
Guy 3: shyeahright, boing!
by nooneyouknow79 May 24, 2010

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