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Here it is, a queef is the sound air that is trapped in the vagina makes when a girl is tight or loose, the penis is small for the vagina or large for the vagina, when it is expelled from said vagina. Occurring often in the doggy-style or legs over shoulders position due to a large penis inside of a small vagina where the air is pushed into and out of the vagina during intercourse, generally emitted after a pull-out. Gentlemen, this is a good thing unless the woman is just loosey-goosey. Generally it means that the woman has been trying to enhance mutual pleasure by contracting her vaginal muscles, and the in and out style of sex, especially deep thrusts after a just the tip phase, make this possible. If a woman can do this on command, then she has a tight control of her vaginal musculature and it is a very good thing. Enjoy, ladies and gentlemen.
As he was penetrating her in the from behind position, her tight vagina queefed, letting him know that he had pounded her hard, and her tightness was worth the effort.
by nooneknowsme810 September 06, 2009
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