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someone who is super hot, sexy, cute, gorgeous, beautiful and a total sex kitten. AMAZING FACIAL FEAUTURES AND THE HOTTEST BODY! that you wouldnt mind banging everyday :) has big sweet eyes and a cute smile not to mention big boobs and a hot booty. takes pride in the way she looks especially her hair. Kylee laughs alot, gets along with practically everyone. an amazing girlfriend doesnt take shit from no one and will protect her loved ones no matter what. if you dont know a kylee your missing out on such a beautiful and hot girl!
Lachlan: Holy fuck, whos the chick with the banging body?
Elijah: Thats Definiterly a Kylee, look at that perfect ass
Lachlan: Total Babe!

Elijah: Agreed
by nooneeimportant October 02, 2011

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