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east providence is made up of 3 different towns, Riverside, Rumford and East Providence. Riverside or (Riverdale) as some call it for its redneck nature is a place where you can chill and smoke mad dank bud plus thats where most of the dimes come from. Rumford or (Gunford) as its called by whoever named it that. Is where more of the cops are and where more crazy shit happens. People there usually smash on bp's like crazy and have some dank. The people who run shit here are on the farthest side twards pawtucket as im more twards EP. East Providence (Has No Cool Name) is where you can pick up all your mids and find all the boring regular kids. Most people here just post up and get fucked up. East Providence High School is wack as fuck, everyone knows that and for the most part ep is dope. Class of 2013 holds shit down tho when theyre seniors its gonna be fuckin nuts, and im from the class of 2012 :o
East Providence is where you can pick up a sack, find a bottle, and get laid all in one hour.
by noonebro March 29, 2011

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