20 definitions by noone

Someone who calls himself "1337" but is realy a "n00b"

Someone who has never played online.
"oh yeah, last night i h4xd into teh main-frame."
- teh n30p|-|yt3
by noone October 01, 2004
a pussy gun used primarily by ppl who suck with all the other guns, use autoaim, or hack because they are gay
The pussybitch is using an awp.
by Noone March 09, 2004
1. (adj) Used by AMD to identify the types of processors
2. (noun) a harmful substance that can defeat Superman
K-6 = 300 MHz-500 MHz K7=Athlon XP and Athlon Processors K8=Athlon 64/FX/Opteron
by Noone February 01, 2005
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