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rainbowification can also be spelt as rainboification and can mean to go from dark to light or vice versa or in science/everyday activities for a substance to diffuse in a nice pretty pattern of colours. English based (inventors of the sandwich).
the chlorine oxide mixed with the bromine solution rainbowified the tube. The room was rainbowified when the curtains were opened.
by noone January 08, 2004
The worst operating system ever made.
My windows 95 crashed 95 times a day.
by noone November 02, 2003
amain... a complete misspelling of amain


that thing was amain
by noone February 24, 2004
A ginger bastard
GRegory Fouster
by Noone October 08, 2003
Like a virus, Windows 95 eats up valuable system resources, screw up ur hard drive, but Windows 95 is not a virus. A virus is well supported by its author and has a fast code. Windows is not a virus, its a bug
by noone November 02, 2003
Being a controlling, manipulative bitch and thinking you can rule the world just by hitting your pipe
Trying to rule the world
by noone April 13, 2005
An irrational obsession with the humor in excrement, including accompanying flatulence.
My brother has a very severe case of fecalphelia!
by Noone August 21, 2003

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