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A ROCKIN STATE that gets longer days off then florida.
florida sucks and michigan rocks

by noodlemac August 02, 2006
EMINEM ROCKS!!!!well not really he raps.but he's one of the best reppers.well i think and its not because he's white either.because he doesnt sing about goin to the club and crap.well maybe he does but not as much he sings about his life also,and childhood.
and most of his raping is funny,or something some people can relate to.

some people may thing he's a wigger but thoes people,dont know what good music is.....or well its there opinion i guess but eminem (marshial bruce mathers)at least talks about real life not goin to the candy shop wih the whores and sluts.

and eminem is not a wigger because black people arnt the only people who can rap,eminem ecspecially proves that theory wrong.

actually there might be more white reppers if there wasnt so many critisizing and lableing.there might actually be good rappers out.
some songs eminem sings:
my name is
just loes it
one shot two shot
the real slim shady
rock bottom
as the world turns
bad meets evil
ass like that
cleanin out my closet

~marshal bruce mathers~
2 daughters
1 hoe (eer i mean wife lol)im just kidding
by noodlemac June 14, 2006

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