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Something that is usually an asian. It can speak english in a funny accent and is always corrected by some other asian object of sexual desire. It is usualy found in its natural habitat inside a vinnies store searching for bargains. it is typically a lesbian. and does not eat KFC. most commonly it is found with a clump of dead womans hair on its head. this thing has no sense of direction a 'mai' usually gets lost and acts confused in any situation. A mai cannot drink alcohol or will turn fire engine red. if a mai has alcohol in its system it will act disoriented and stumble. do not approach a mai if it is drunk or if you are black. a mai is attracted to cu den and is very good at drawing naked people
She is so mai. that is such a mai thing. that animal is a mai. oh my god its a mai!
by noobstick August 25, 2010

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