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Verb: being an idiot, a ruler, hated by everyone and being a turd all at the same time.

noun: an idea created by the idiotic 43rd president of the United States, Geroge W Bush.

The followers of GeorgeWBushism are known as GeorgeWBushists, the only known follower is George W. Bush
the 43rd president of the United States of America is an idiot, a turd and hated by everyone because he practices the idiotic worthless art of GeorgeWBushism
by nonsense! July 10, 2007
A series of games by Creative Assembly published by Activision or Sega. There has been 5 games and 5 expansions. The games are listed according to their release dates

Shogun Total War (set in feudal Japan)
Shogun Total War Mongol Invasion (includes a Mongol Campaign)
Medieval Total War (set in medieval Europe)
Medieval Total War Viking Invasion (set in the British isles and scandinavia)
Rome Total War (set in the late Roman Reublic to the early empire)
Spartan Total Warrior (set in a historically inaccurate world where there is already a Roman empire in 300BCE)
Rome Total War Barbarian Invasion (set in the Late Roman empire during the Volkewanderung)
Rome Total War Alexander (set in Alexander the Great's campaign in Persia)
Medieval II Total War (similar to Medieval Total war but it has more playable factions and it includes the New World)
Medieval II Total War Kingdoms (contains 4 campaigns: The New World, 13th Century Britain, Crusades and Northern Crusades, releasing August 2007)
Total War rocks! I can't wait for the Kingdoms Expansion.
by nonsense! June 18, 2007
1. synonymous to everyone's name
2. homonymous to George Bush
3. also synonymous to George Bush
4. a town in switzerland
5. stupider than a retard

1. <insert name here> is a moron
2. the current president of the USA is Moron
3. the current president of the USA is a moron
4. Moronese: "I live in moron"
5. Bush is dumber than a retard
by nonsense! May 30, 2007
an adjective to describe how something is more ordinary than ordinary. In other words, it means that somethying is more equal than equal which does not make sense
I shall now use mathematics to prove my theory.
x must always equal to x
there is no such way that x=x+1
unless x happens to be infinity then infinity +1 would still equal to infinity because nobody bothers to count that high.
therefore extraordinary does not make sense unless it is used on a very ordinary but not ordinary subject
"I am extraordinary"
"yeah, you're just more ordinary than me that means you're more same as I am"
by nonsense! May 28, 2007

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