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1. The largest voter pool for the democratic party.
2. A charity created by rich democrats so that they don't have to feel so bad about being rich.
3. A free ride for people who realize government cheese is preferable to gainful employment.
I feel so bad that I am a filthy rich democrat with lots of tax shelters, so I will vote to give more money to people who dont work. Of course, I will have the middle class working man pay for it.
by nonoyawns January 19, 2005
A lame excuse for a mayor who thinks the voices inside her head are coming from real people.
"I give myself an A+ rating. Everyone hates me so that is 100%.
I think the Germans are still harboring Hitler somewhere, so we should steal the water company from them.'
by nonoyawns January 19, 2005
a stupid rich girl who just so happens to be marrying all these rich people and keeping their names
Don't let your daughter marry too many men or she may end up a Teresa Heinz Kerry.
by nonoyawns January 19, 2005
Someone who has a good taste in game concels
Look at that xbox fanboy;he has the coolest system.
by nonoyawns January 20, 2005
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