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A female who wanders around alone in NASCAR parking lots on race days and will do practically anything in an attempt to score free tickets, food, beer, t-shirts, or other racing souvenirs.
Janet is so lucky. She saw Kyle Busch win all three races at Bristol and make NASCAR history for free and even got free t-shirts to prove that she was there! I’m so jealous and now I want to become a NASCAR Whore..
#fan #thrifty #free #score #brilliant
by NonnaK September 07, 2010
The act of pleasing your woman when it is her turn to drive during your cross country summer vacation.
I'm tired of getting Road Head. I want you to drive now, so I can give you some Road Beaver.
#way #opening #fur #rode #dam
by NonnaK July 25, 2010
What a Sicilian woman says to her best friend on her 50th birthday, which occurs 11 days before her own 50th birthday.
I know you turned 50 today. Take some advice from your best friend for over 47 years and Fuck-getta-bout-it.
#aarp #crap #flap #fire #cake
by NonnaK November 28, 2010
The place people call home and where they go to live after they have lost their own home to foreclosure.
It is a good thing the current administration made the single, largest, investment in the nation's infrastructure since the creation of the interstate highway system in the 1950s. Build some more bridges. The homeless have to live somewhere. There is no place like home!
#confounded #bridge #subprime #sublime #surreal #foreclosure
by NonnaK August 01, 2010
Cousin to the Pet Rock
Trixie thought she had been good all year and asked Santa Claus to bring her a puppy for Christmas, but when she woke up Christmas morning and looked in her stocking, all she found was a lump of coal, which she later named Pepper and he became her Pet Coal. She marketed the idea and made a million dollars the following year.
#dark #joke #warm #energy #gift
by NonnaK December 24, 2010
Beaver blocked is when a woman manipulates a situation to prevent you from connecting with a guy she knows you are interested in hoping to get him for herself.
On Girl's night out, I'm the one who gets Beaver Blocked by that whore Annette right after I start talking to a guy.
#cat fight #slut #liar #midget #dog ugly
by NonnaK February 16, 2011
A name a cook gives to a meal they throw together at the last minute and the answer they give to everyone who asks the question "What's for Dinner"?
I wonder what Mom is cooking for dinner tonight? I sure hope it's not Catshit on Toast again.
#foodfight #furball #litter #chef #toaster
by NonnaK February 24, 2011
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