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When you don't want to tell someone who you had sex with the past night, sometimes out of embarrassment.
John: Hey, did you hook up with anyone last night?
Bill: Yeah, I did.
John: What did she look like?
Bill: None Of your Jizzness!
by noneyojizzness November 22, 2009
A white person, usually male, with a fire crotch and an annoying knowledge of sports. In order for them to be considered a blazehayes, they also must own a pair of Nike Blazers. They also cannot be liked, or be good at sports but be under self impression that they are.
Richie: I heard that LeBron's PPG went up .17%night, but I'm still better.
Bill: Yeah, whatever Blazehayes.
by noneyojizzness December 10, 2009
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