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5 definitions by none of your damn business

A bitchy hooker
Char you whoore get off me fore i smack ya
by none of your damn business May 26, 2003
30 10
Something That is on my body, that needs sucked and fucked by a hot female.
Man my cock needs sucked bad by that hot ass fuck chick.
by None of your damn business June 15, 2004
38 31
refers to a woman who is now unattractive, with a slight hint of attractiveness from when she was younger/not-on-crack/prettier, etc...
Look at that cracked-out, ho-bag bitch, she's blownt!
by none of your damn business November 17, 2003
1 1
a verb, describing the action of laying around, watching tv, eating chips and bear on the couch, convelescing from a hangover, being lazy, etc....
Also can be used as a noun, describing a person who is partaking in the actions noted above.
Get up, you fucking moose! I'm tired of seeing you moosin' all fucking day!Do the dishes!
by none of your damn business November 17, 2003
5 19
A Seattle slang word used when referring to the action of action of having sex.
I wanna sprock that girl, she's so fine.
by None of Your Damn Business December 02, 2003
8 25