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a game that you are really bad at at the start and basically haven't a clue how to play it so u are just running about killing boars and usuing your right click on your mouse to do so,until one day you get an urge to stay at the pc ,you stay at the pc for a seriously long amount of time,you miss work the next day,this whole process repeats itself,you miss work the next day,you get all excited that you are now lvl 40 and get to wear plate armor,your boss fires you,you run out of money for food,u live off potato crisps and coca-cola,you grow a beard,you start to smell,you havent slept in weeks,your friends hate you,your lifes a mess,your car gets repossessed,you move back in with your 70 year old parents,your life is a mess.
but hey,you have 3 lvl 70 tier 6 uber uber mad chars for it^^
do not play wow..ever..it ruins lives!
world of warcraft world of warcraft addiction
by nondas April 05, 2008
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