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an asshole
Shut up and stop bein a fuckin puck!
by NoName April 01, 2004
an instrument that one plays. Also known as a guitar.
dude, you gotta see me new geetar!
by noname April 29, 2004
a term invented by the media to categorize any form of heavy/hardcore/aggressive music that comes from 1990-...
very unpopular with fans of "true" metal from the eighties or "black metal"or anyother kind of music meant for retards who seem to think its hardcore to hate music that sells so instead watch bands stand with their feet planted on stage with their eyes rolled into the back of their head trying to look hardcore
- another "true" form is speed metal which constains high speed drumbeats and alternate picked power chords over monotone "dark" lyrics with a pathetic attempt at singing, but of coarse its considered good because it is not nu-metal
bands such as tool, system of a down, deftones, (which are not metal, they are of far better quality then any metal bands)
are given a hard time by people because of the creation of this false genre regardless of there amazing live performances and unbelievable vocal abilities.

nu metal does not exist, it is horseshit
metal is not original as some claim, the most original and diverse decade of music by far is the 90's enough of this death-hardcore-satanist bullshit coming from these stubborn, whiney, hypocrites
metal sucks listen to music that is unique and creative
by noname August 16, 2004
When two Dutch guys analy (anal) rapes a girl/boy.
Aww. I got double dutched last night. I'm still sore.
by noname September 09, 2003
the little purple thing when u pull back ure foreskin
Girl: pull back ure foreskin!
Boy: i have tasty jed!
Girl: yum!
by noname December 06, 2003
Synonim for "cute girl"
What a keffa we have here!
by noname August 11, 2003
Poor ol' nigga thinks it's a camaro
That man thinks he got shit but all he's got is a Pontiac.
by noname January 25, 2004

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