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exactly like "fuck with," but this is used when the two people talking are playing Wii.

Pronounced: fuck we-ith
*Bruce and Drew are playing Wii*

Bruce: So I went on a date with that one chick.
Drew: Dude! Don't fuck wiith me!
by NoMSG September 27, 2010
Noun, Inspiration that is both inspiring and awesome.

(To Awespire) Verb, The act of inspiring in an awesome manner.

(Awespired) Adjective, The state of being inspired by awesome inspiration.
(n.) The Nazis might have figured out that Adolf Hitler was evil if he hadn't dealt out such awespiration.

(v.) Hitler just awespired me, so I'mma go kill some jews.

(adj.) I am so awespired right now, I feel fly as fuck!
by NoMSG August 21, 2010
a hermapherdite who keeps begging people to sit on him/her. You've encountered one most likely if you've been to a party in West Hollywood.
Chairmapherdite: Please sit on me!
Drew: No way, you silly chairmapherdite!
by NoMSG September 27, 2010
to diagnose a medical condition using no educated experience and only info acquired via the Internet.
Doctor: What did you webagnose yourself with?
Drew: Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.
Doctor: Well you can relax, it's just the flu.
by NoMSG October 13, 2010
A word used to describe the best-looking fedora (which is a type of hat from the 1800's that regained popularity in cinema in the 1940's and which has remained a staple in fashion society until present day). This word, popularized by the gay community, is derived from "fedora" and "adorable."
Chris: Oh my gosh, Drew! You look sooo fedorable!
Drew: Alright, thanks but keep it in your pants.
by NoMSG September 14, 2010
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