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12 definitions by nomsg

exactly like "fuck with," but this is used when the two people talking are playing Wii.

Pronounced: fuck we-ith
*Bruce and Drew are playing Wii*

Bruce: So I went on a date with that one chick.
Drew: Dude! Don't fuck wiith me!
by NoMSG September 27, 2010
13 3
something that is doubly useless.
"My laptop broke down, so I used it as a doorstop. The door slammed shut and hit me in the face! Stupid reuseless Toshiba!"

"Reuseless! It's DOUBLE useless!"
-Double Rainbow Guy
by NoMSG September 27, 2010
13 3
a hermapherdite who keeps begging people to sit on him/her. You've encountered one most likely if you've been to a party in West Hollywood.
Chairmapherdite: Please sit on me!
Drew: No way, you silly chairmapherdite!
by NoMSG September 27, 2010
7 1
to diagnose a medical condition using no educated experience and only info acquired via the Internet.
Doctor: What did you webagnose yourself with?
Drew: Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.
Doctor: Well you can relax, it's just the flu.
by NoMSG October 13, 2010
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A word used to describe the best-looking fedora (which is a type of hat from the 1800's that regained popularity in cinema in the 1940's and which has remained a staple in fashion society until present day). This word, popularized by the gay community, is derived from "fedora" and "adorable."
Chris: Oh my gosh, Drew! You look sooo fedorable!
Drew: Alright, thanks but keep it in your pants.
by NoMSG September 14, 2010
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