1 definition by nomeansno

A medium sized town just outside of Montreal where white kids think they're black and black kids think they live in the ghetto, It has only 1 english highschool and 3 french highschools, pregnant 12 year olds, drunk 11 year olds, emo kids hanging out at the mall, White trash frenchmen standing in line at the welfair office. It's a town with nothing to do but drink. It's the home of two hasbeen NHL players Bobby Dollas and Glen Curry. It borders a reservation but the natives aren't bad at all. The english high school has a pretty bad rep for some reason even though it's not as bad as people think. Everyone knows everones business .
Guy one : you doing anything tonight?
Guy Two : What else is there to doin chateauguay?
Guy one : Drink!!!!
Guy two : Yup
by nomeansno September 26, 2006

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