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A humanoid fishy from the game World of Warcraft
And the murloc says Grrrghllrghr!
by Nomad June 21, 2005
One ultra gay mother fucker
"OMGZz, U GUYZ R SO BAD!!!111"
by NomaD April 21, 2005
Past tense of rip. To copy music off CD, usually into mp3 format
He ripped the new Eastsidaz CD for me.
by nomad September 18, 2003
A function long since lost in the world of Myspace. Many cameras come with it, though not so many are intelligent enough to use it.
Well, the timer function of this camera is sooo hard to use, so I'll liek.. go to the bathroom and take pictures of the mirror.
by NoMaD April 25, 2006
1. noun/adjective
-Heap of shit
2. verb
-When someone takes a shit
-When someone get's pissed off
1. noun/adjective
-"What a heap!"
2. -"I need to heap" or "I just took a heap"
-"My teacher heaped when I was late"
by nomad April 30, 2004
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