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money used exclusively for the purchase of marijuana
I wanted to buy some bud, but i left my casheesh at home
by nom du plume March 20, 2011
The opposite of foreskin. It is the extra skin around your butthole.
Yo Jesse, why is your wallet made out of aftskin?
by nom du plume March 25, 2011
to flick somebody in the throat forcefully, if male the bingola is generally aimed at the adam's apple. this is meant to cause extreme pain, and is often played as a game
I just gave Jesse a bingola, I hit him right in the adam's apple!
by nom du plume November 15, 2010
To take a dump while walking.
I was walking back from school the other day, and I totally grumped. It was epic!
by nom du plume January 11, 2011

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