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a word you can use to get out of any uncomfortable situation.
random lost person:Excuse me wheres the nearest gas station.

you/random person:No hablo ingles.
by nollysk8 December 13, 2009
when you have a fear of being around perverts
Guy#1: hey wanna go to rickys party

Guy#2: no that dude gives me pervaphobia
by nollysk8 February 03, 2010
If you got here because you don't have it's what you'll never get. If you got here because your curious then why not go ask your mom?
Random guy with no life on the internet: man ill never see a vagina thats not by a slut with a web cam
by nollysk8 November 08, 2009
it could be when man puts his dick and balls between his legs to simulate a vagina or when a guy gets surgery to have a female sex organ either one their both gay
Random guy #1: Brandon is so gay.

Random guy #2: Yeah he probably has a mangina.
by nollysk8 November 08, 2009
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