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The fandom for Dan and Phil, known as Danisnotonfire and Amazingphil on Youtube. 'Phandom' originates from 'phan', the collective noun for dan and phil which is also used as their shipping name.

There are mainly girls in the phandom, with an age range between 12 and 17, the average age being 14. Unfortunately there are a lot of cringey dicks in the phandom, but there are cool people too.

There are two different phandoms;
the twitter phandom and the instagram phandom.
There is no such thing as a 'tumblr phandom' because the majority of people in the twitter / instagram phandom use tumblr, it is a place to talk and post about phan, it is not a fucking phandom ok.

The twitter phandom is a great place to meet other phan shippers and communicate with dan and phil themselves. The best time to be on twitter is during 7-9 on a sunday or 9 on a tuesday or whenever they upload a video or pinof or amazingdan or when dan and phil tweet. Basically every minute of every day is the best time to be there.

'instagram phandom' is commonly used to insult someone. 'instagram phandom' is another word for 'dickhead' or 'bitchfaggot' or 'idiot twat'
If you are in the instagram phandom, you are a wanker.
'saskia u r such an instagram phandom i hate you'

'that is the worst thing anyone has ever said to me, why on earth would you say something like that?'
by nohomohowell November 26, 2013

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