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Air that smells like shit.
The odour of a black man. The odour normally consists of sweat and shit. The odour can be smelled a radius of 20 meters away from the source. Hence you can smell a nignog before you see one.
If its dark and your driving in your car. You cant see a nignog but you smell the Nigair. you know his there, drive away so you don't get mugged.
by noharmony February 08, 2009
It is a huge migraine (headache) that you get from seeing to many nignogs.
The effect is so severe, it can sometimes lead to "black" outs.
tom: hey jim. you dont look too good.
Jim : i know, i just came from africa, i might be suffering from a Nigraine.
by noharmony February 08, 2009
The black godzilla. (combination of nignog and godzilla)
The monster that wears silver bling and has gold grills on his teeth. lives in the hood and only eats white people.
Is normally found in places where gangsta rap is played.
Chinese kid: ohh my god!! look, its nogzilla!!
by noharmony February 09, 2009

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