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To have a squishy toy that you like to squeeze, preferably girl playing with a boys squishy toy...
I love your fuzzle nerf hair.
Lets play with your fuzzle nerf and have some fun.
by Noelle October 23, 2003
to be fuzzy and have a natural curl
My hair is so Fuzzle Nerf
by Noelle October 17, 2003
to get in the way of 'play'.
Hey ugly third-wheel person, don't cockblock.
by noelle April 22, 2003
noun. A tastey treat for those who are salad tossers also known as brown turds or pieces of crap eaten by said salad tossers.
I tossed his salad and ate his crutons.
by noelle April 22, 2005
General drama going on.
Aaron said there was alot of Rucuks up at the bar tonite.
by Noelle March 14, 2003
an idiotic person. a moron.
Shut your hole, you PEON!
by Noelle March 14, 2003
Crappy town in central CT where NOTHING ever happens.
Dude, Plainville SUCKS, man.
by Noelle March 31, 2004
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