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30 definitions by noelle

a gangsta that can't quite pull it off.
hey man, look at that bitchslap-worthy wanksta.
by noelle April 04, 2003
Get ready to get some.
Girl, you betta' warm that shit up, cuz imma be over in 20 minutes.
by Noelle January 22, 2004
Insane goings-on; as in unbelievably silly doings. (crazy business)
"You flashed those guys? That's some crazy bidness."
by Noelle September 16, 2003
To screw around, mess around, not necessarily in a sexual way.

also see fark
Hey what's up?
Nothin, just farkin' around.
by Noelle March 14, 2003
a level of existance, other than normal.
There in a vegetative state.
by Noelle April 03, 2005
the phone
Hey, hit me up later on the ringring!
by Noelle March 14, 2003
the word that doesn't exist, but it's on my teacher's word list for my summer reading shit.
"That fucking virescent word isn't in a fucking dictionary!"
by noelle September 01, 2004