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Translated literally, it means "His Mother's". Used as "Fuck!", but more often as "Fucking", as in "my ta ma de car was stolen" or "those ta ma de thieves stole my car". Can be shortened to TMD.
That other ta ma de poster wrote the wrong definition! Vote down that TMD douchebag!
by noejose99 September 26, 2009
An exclamation (pronounced youbluekin) called out by one's nearby associates when said person has committed an error in judgment, or somehow screwed the pooch. See its shame-filled relative, Iblukin

Can also be referenced by asking "How did Ken taste?"
Nice try hitting on that girl, man. She completely shut you down. Ublukin dude!
by noejose99 October 28, 2008
A shame-filled mea culpa, used when admitting a grievous error, for which one is due large amounts of shame and derision. See its exultant relative Ublukin
I can't believe I left a condom wrapper on the floor for my girlfriend to find. Iblukin so bad.
by noejose99 October 28, 2008

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