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Rationality can go fuck himself. Deftones CREATED Linkin Park you dumb shit. They were there way before any pathetic screamo bands. Deftones are rock gods and have great lyrics.
Rationality sucks. He knows nothing of pure music. Deftones isn't aimed at "angry teenage boys." Pathetic prick.
by noctem March 31, 2005
Fucking god. Sexy in every way possible. Lead singer of the Mind blowing hardrock/Metal band:"Deftones."
I am his RX Queen. "'Cause you're my girl, and that's alright,if you sting me I won't mind..."
by noctem April 02, 2005
my mom telling me in brooklyn fashion a to get comfortable instead of laying around in my jeans and what not.
Whaddya doin all dressed up for on the couch? Why don't ya puchapajamas?
by noctem May 11, 2004
basically a really obvious queer or a straight guy who acts like it
So I hear Bobby Joe is gonna get a seaweed wrap. What a fuckin fruityass!
by noctem May 11, 2004
Unlike Big-bad Mark's gay ass description, a Psy or Psi vampire is a modern-day vampire who feeds on the energy of other people sometimes subconciously or through a donor. When they go for a long period of time without feeding, they may become blood thirsty also for the energy. See "Sanguine"
by Noctem January 29, 2005
The equally unattractive version of Hilary Duff, with big boobs and more potential.
Lindsay Lohan is crowned the new teen queen.
by noctem April 02, 2005
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