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2 definitions by nocoke4uonlyme

A old chinese martial arts move that rips your heart out. This is the name of the acual move and should be attempted by ammatures. To preforn the Yin Technique your punch has to be at 1067 pounds of force per square inch to break the chest barrier for video of how it performed http://www.spike.com/video/whats-deadliest/3045385
Dood i want to learn the Yin Technique
by nocoke4uonlyme January 07, 2009
A dildo that has blood on it because it was used while a girl was on her period so it has blood on it.

Also it can refered to as a bloody dildo when someone attacks another person with a dildo and gets blood on it.
Danny: dood i was giving a girl a fish eye and she was so pissed she pushed me off the bed and under the bed i saw a bloody dildo.

Zack: oh my god she had a bloody dildo under her bed?
by nocoke4uonlyme January 06, 2009