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how idiots spell necropheliac (sex with dead bodies)
Matt: DUDE i just saw a necrofeliac
George: You fucking idiot its spelt 'necropheliac'
Joe: Did u ask him if u could join him in the graveyard tonight?
by nocheesetonight July 05, 2007
The BIGGEST pimp in the world EVER. He does business around Woking and is known as 'MR Moody' or the 'pimp meister'
Matt: doesn't the pimp meister have a wife know?
George: Yerp names Janice innit
Joe: OH i thout that was a hippopotomus
by nocheesetonight July 05, 2007
Used in the song Skeletor Vs Beastman by CKY
Hairy person "I have aids...hmmm...beastman aids"
by Nocheesetonight October 06, 2006
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