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the act of trying to ecajulate in ur partners mouth and accidentaly shooting them in the eye.
Kimberly needed to have her eye removed due to Roberts bad aim.
what they serve in all school cafeterias across the country
todays special: dog food (liver and shit flavored)
the hooker who is so ugly she has to pay u to sleep with her.
Joe was excited to get $300 after sleeping with the crooked hooker.
the act of one shoving their penis up inside another persons nasal cavity and attempting to have sex with it
Sally had to go to the hospital on account of her boyfriend got drunk the previous night and had given her a failed nasalectomy.
one who excessively gives rim jobs and loves the "chocolate" toppings they tend to get on the tip of their tongue.
Mary dumped her boyfriend because he was a total cheekmuncher.
the awful vile rotten scent that seems to linger in between the legs of nasty women ie hookers sluts and trailer trash
Don swore his ex used to keep an aquarium full of fish between her legs.
those little crunchy white things they serve in chinese resturaunts with everything.
Susie ate the fried cat balls with her Pu PU platter thinking they were some sort of vegetable.
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