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A large box that can become anything and everything you want it to be. Unfortunatley, you cannot be in the box. Nothing is in the box. Ever. Once you put something in the box, it disappears, and it only comes back when it leaves. You may here voices coming from the box, but just ignore them. There is no one in the box.
If I was in the imagination box, and my shirt was also in the imagination box, I would be too sexy for it. But I'm not in the box. Nobody is in the box...
#imagination #box #nobody #disappear #nothing
by Nobodyishere July 25, 2011
Someone who constantly causes problems and chooses to think about themselves rather then the betterment of the community.
That doufonger ran to the boss and squealed on me...Ah, bugger....He can be a real doufonger sometimes.
#snitch #rat #tattle-tail #blabbermouth #loudmouth
by nobodyishere June 11, 2012
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