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3 definitions by no1evofn

frankly this means taking a dump...but in reference to the bomb that the US dropped on the Japanese island of Nagasaki during World War II
Ed: (on the phone): Hey Joe whachu up to?

Joe: Hey Ed, im dropping a nagasaki right now can I call you back?
by no1evofn March 08, 2009
when a male celebrity is cheating on his wife
Tom Brady must be pulling a Tiger, because he is obviously not focusing on playing football at the moment.
by no1evofn January 10, 2010
when you rock out with your cocks out....when one throws his hair in the air like he just dont care!
Bro what are you doin this weekend?
Cuz..im gonna grow it out...you in?
by no1evofn February 11, 2009