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Though many things in the definition are true above... The school is full of cheaters,liers,backstabbers,etc.Yes few people ever notice things but most people try. The things above,who ever wrote it, is the biggest HYPRICRITE EVER!!!!I am almost positive that person has made something about them.MOST PEOPLE IN THE SCHOOL ARE HYPRICRITES!!!!Doesn't anyone have anything better to do with their time??AND I WISH PEOPLE WOULD STOP SAYING CARRIE IS SPOLIED!!! SHE'S NOT....SHUT UP!!!! LIKE YOU HAVEN'T RECEIVED A NICE GIFT FROM ANYONE.....Anyway back to how the school sucks...so do the teachers...though there are few exceptions...(mr.e...who is like totally awesome!!!He will help you with like anything and everything!! Go him!)Though there are some good people...Like Janine...who is smart,funny,good at basketball;softball,and the best markers player ever... and Catherine too..she is so funny and good at shopping!!!Anyway...like the person above... I congratulate the people who stay true to themselves...I wish I could be more like you!(though i try!)

P.S:this school is full of RETARDS i won't name any names but you could guess if you knew me...which you don't!!
Real examples:
person #1:You know you is great?
person #2:Catherine and janine?
person #1: you read my mind!!!!!!

person #1:I hate this school
person #2:Yeah so do I but I will miss you guys!!!
person #1:me too
by no way not telling February 08, 2005

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