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4 definitions by no one special

a person who only has little or no friends at all but deals with it
dude that kid is a jakelindberg
by no one special October 30, 2003
1.)a feeling that really hurts
2.)cannot really be defined
3.)its a very strong feeling
4.)it doesnt really happen when you think it does...
i loved this guy who stopped liking the word LOVE..i asked him..how does he feel about me if he doesnt like the word love...he says "i dont know"....i was thinkin to myself "ouch...that hurts"...
by no one special April 29, 2004
What Krysti Sanderson has.
Krysti has the ugliest pig's nose. Yuck!
by no one special October 28, 2003
spanish verb meaning "to fuck"
va a chingarte!
by no one special May 09, 2003